I stop writing (for now)

Nope, it’s not clickbait, I will stop writing Medium articles about Flutter for now. This article is meant for my followers, who read nearly every article I write, and those who generally enjoyed my articles. Shoutout to” Juan Alonzo Miguel Esteban Raul Anacleto Ruiz del Monte Vergara II Jr” (aka alhamdulilah) on Discord and Rivaan Ranawat (Check out his YouTube channel, he posts excellent content about Flutter).

The simple reason for this decision is, that there is no time in my schedule for Medium anymore. I am still a student, have a job, and do some other private activities. I am very stressed right now and it’s not possible for me, to continue spending so much time on Medium.

This doesn’t mean there won’t be any articles anymore. Maybe, I’ll find time to write one article once a month, maybe twice, I don’t know yet. But for everyone who waited for new articles on Monday and Friday every week, I’m very sorry.

Thank you so much for your great feedback over time, it was a great experience for me!

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Tomic Riedel

Flutter, Dart & Appwrite Developer | Livelong learner | Happy about sharing my knowledge