Exploring Flutter’s Animation Library

Learn how Flutter’s animation library is built up and understand the fundamentals of it

Tomic Riedel
3 min readJun 3, 2024
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Flutter offers a robust animation library that enhances the interactivity and visual appeal of apps. This article will take a look at the heart of the animations in Flutter, the animations library. We will take a look at the foundational concepts of the animation library as well as practical applications.

Basics of Flutter Animation

Flutter’s animation architecture is based on the animation.dart package, which is tightly integrated with core Dart libraries and specifically, the physics.dart library. At the heart of this architecture is the Animation class, a central element that represents a value changing over time. Whether it's fading a widget in and out or transitioning colors, Animation objects manage these changes by providing both the current value and the animation's status. This status could indicate whether the animation is moving forward, reversing, or has come to a halt.

Animation Control with AnimationController

Controlling an animation is where AnimationController comes into play. AnimationController is a special kind of Animation. It progresses its value in sync with the…



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