Tomic Riedel

Dec 23, 2021

3 min read

Best nav bar packages for Flutter

I have already presented many navigation bar packages in my previous articles. But which one should you use for your app? You will find out in this comparison!

Curved Navigation Bar

With this package you can easily create a very nice navigation bar, which is a real eye catcher. With a really nice animation and many customization options this is a very good extension for your next app!

Bottom Bar with Sheet

bottom_bar_with_sheet is a normal bottom bar, but it provides a very useful functionality. Sometimes you want to have more space on your screen, but how do you do it? Well, quite simple: with this nav bar you can pull up a “second screen”/sheet and by doing so you get much more space. Here is a small example how it could look like:

Convex Bottom Bar

With the convex_bottom_bar package you can create impressive bottom bars that will surely catch users’ eyes!

Sliding Clipped Nav Bar

The package sliding_clipped_nav_bar offers you a great way to make your app more interesting for users. Due to its incredibly simple implementation and beautiful design it is one of the best nav bar packages.

But… enough talking, how does a nav bar look like with this package?

I think you can see very well why I like this package so much. There are so many customization possibilities and the implementation is very simple.

Custom Navigation Bar

This navigation bar provides you a beatiful animated bottom bar, which was inspired by a post on dribble. Just look at the beatiful animation:

Persistent Bottom Navigation Bar

With this package you can create a bottom navigation bar, which goes over several sub-screens. Here is a good example: